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1. Why does one McDonalds salad cost as much as five hamburgers?

2. How many pounds of meat does the average American eat in one year?
3. How many products are available in a modern American supermarket?
4. Farm-raised fish are fed corn.
5. New York City, Philadelphia and the state of California have banned all trans fats.
6. In what year was Crisco, the first hydrogenated or hardened shortening, was first marketed?
7. Hydrogenated vegetable oils are cheaper than animal source fats.
8. Food irradiation kills bacteria and enhances the quality of food. The consumption of irradiated food supports health.
9. Irradiation covers up fecal contamination of food, permitting meat and poultry to be produced more cheaply.
10. What percentage of Monsanto’s annual profits does the Roundup (pesticide) product line represent?
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