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HPV Vax for Boys Too
CDC Committee Recommends Boys Receive HPV Vaccine CNN October 26, 201 Atlanta (CNN) -- A federal government advisory committee voted Tuesday to recommend that males ages 11 to 21 be vaccinated against  more...
Gov Brown, AstraZeneca
"AstraZeneca has a financial interest in HPV vaccines, but the pharmaceutical firm maintains that the donation was unrelated to Brown's action on AB 499." AstraZeneca Donates $8K to Brown's Re-Electio  more...
Mercury-Autism Scandal
Read this press release if you are concerned about mercury in vaccines and a possible connection to autism, please contact your representatives in Congress and demand that they investigate. The Center  more...
Kids' Flu Deaths 23% Vaxed
Does the flu shot sound effective to you? Twenty-three percent of children who died were fully vaccinated, thirty-one percent termed high risk were fully vaccinated, and the numbers are likely underst  more...
Teachers Bully Too
We are very focused on bullying these days, and rightly so. But don't lose sight of another type that happens more often than you might imagine: when teachers bully, esp special needs children. It's a  more...
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