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Watch this youtube clip, read JB Handley's post "Student Assaulted by Teachers For Handing Out Flyers On Vaccine Risks" in Age of Autism, and applaud the courage and clear-headed thinking of this high school student, Robert Wanek.  We love children for their innocence and their ability to see things for what they are.  This young man, on the cusp of adulthood, blew me away.

Youtube removed the video, after it received about 30,000 hits in 3 days.  If they have also removed the above clip, type in the following search words: student assaulted vaccine risks, and and you will find a long list of links from others who have reposted his 10 minute clip.

If you are moved by the video, please do the following four things:

  1. Call, e-mail, fax and snail mail the school superindentendent and copy the principal and science teacher. Express your severe disappointment in the way this incident was handled.  Demand a formal apology to Robert, and censure for the adults who assaulted him.  Ask that their follow-up be reported to their local paper and shared on Age of Autism.

  2. Contact the local, state and regional papers.  I will try to get ahold of this information and will post it here as soon as I do.

  3. Copy me on your e-mail.  I want to know how strong of a reaction there is to this event.  

  4. If you know of other students who have undertaken, or are interested in pursuing similar initiatives, let me know.
Watching this was a great Christmas gift.  Thank you, Mr. Wanek.
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