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Homotoxicology is the science of toxins and their removal within the human body. It offers a theory of disease which describes the severity and duration of an illness or disorder based on toxin-loading relative to our body’s ability to detoxify. We should normally be excreting toxins through the primary pathways of feces, urine and sweat. When the immune system is challenged, however, our body’s ability to eliminate toxins is also compromised. There are progressive stages of illness which correspond to the bio-accumulation of toxins. After excretion, we move to deposition, then impregnation, degeneration and finally neoplasm (cancer). Symptoms of disease are the result of appropriate biological resistance to toxic substances. In other words, conditions such as asthma or skin rashes are predictable ways that we might respond to toxicity. If we attempt to suppress the symptoms at an earlier phase, for example, through the use of steroids or other prescription drugs, we drive the toxins deeper into our cells, which can result in advancement of illness and disease.

The human body is insistent and will always try to get our attention early on, often with gentle nudges. Many will choose to respond with painkillers, antibiotics or steroids. If the source of the problem is not addressed, the symptoms will merely increase in severity until we feel obligated to take action. At this point, most will turn to the prevailing medical model which is allopathic medicine and the use of prescription drugs to address specific symptoms of disease. Homotoxicology can be thought of as a “bridge” between allopathic and homeopathic medicine. Its main focus is to rid the body of toxic substances and restore the body to optimal health.

The efficacy and safety of homotoxicology are supported by over 100 clinical trials. Anti-homotoxic remedies stimulate the body’s own healing process to cure illness. Homeopathic remedies provide a blueprint of healthy tissue which “reminds” the body to prioritize its resources to return to health and homeostasis. Unlike classical homeopathy, many homotoxicology practitioners use remedies in combination. The environment has become so toxic that our genetic blueprint has become more damaged. In response to more serious chronic illness and even neurological damage, many practitioners are finding that the classical “one remedy at a time” approach is no longer sufficient.

We recommend a sequence of detoxification programs using serially agitated homeopathic dilutions. The detoxes operate at the cellular level and include viruses, bacteria, allergens, parasites, fungus/yeast, chemicals, food additives, pollution and metals. There is a hierarchy involved in detoxification. The body will self-regulate, typically discharging the more mild toxins first. We use homeopathic, nutritional and botanical remedies to support the body through the inevitable symptoms of detoxification. Don’t be surprised if your toddler is given a tobacco or alcohol detox. Environmental toxins have transgenerational effectsDr. Wayne B. Jonas, former Director of the Office of Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health, recognized successful trials of homeopathic immunotherapy (serially agitated dilutions) to treat chronic illness.


Clients often ask: “I don’t believe that we need to take so many vitamins and minerals. You tell me that food is our first and best medicine. Can’t I just eat right to get what my body needs?”  The remedies that we just ordered for you are not just vitamins and minerals. Many of them are homeopathic. Homeopathy addresses the source of your disease symptoms and supports wellness through the use of heavily diluted natural substances. Some substances contain the energetic blueprint of healthy tissue; others contain actual substances that cause disease. The body responds to subtle signaling from homeopathic remedies that tell it how to prioritize scarce resources to heal. In our family, we also use homeopathy to support symptoms of imbalance and illness (i.e., insomnia, constipation, diarrhea).

It is easy to marginalize that which we do not understand, especially when its foundations are deeply threatening to current medical wisdom. Over 200 years ago, homeopathy was an established therapeutic system.  In 1914, John D. Rockefeller made an investment decision to support allopathic schools. (Note: his family doctor remained a homeopath.) The allopathic system of medicine prevails today. Allopathy uses pharmaceuticals to suppress disease symptoms but fails to address root causes. Drugs add layers of chemical toxicity, which often end up causing bigger problems over time. Despite strong mainstream resistance, homeopathy continues to be relevant because it works.

The absorption of vitamins and other substances required for health is a function of the body’s ability to absorb what it needs and the availability of what the body needs from food. Over time, toxins bioaccumulate and damage various organ, metabolic, immune and other systems and pathways. Our machinery gets sluggish and nutrient uptake becomes impaired. Even if scientists knew the full complement of what our bodies need, it’s doubtful we could get them all from food and pills. The quality of our food supply has declined significantly. Factory farming is characterized by extensive use of pesticides, genetic modification, inadequate crop rotation and severe pollution from animal waste pools. Our food is simply less nutritionally dense. In just 50 years, a mere blip on the evolutionary calendar, we have made dramatic changes in how we live and what we eat. Man has been unable to evolve quickly enough to adapt to our new environment. We are living proof of the consequences.

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